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Cordon Bleu price by kg (3-4kg a box)

EUR 12,40

Cordon Bleu

Qty: 15 units x 200 gr. aprox.


  • Price: 11.60€/ kg.
  • Box Weight: 3/4 kg. aprox.


Pork 49%, CHEESE (MILK, lactic ferment, rennet and coloring E160b), WHEAT flour, potato starch, EGG, sunflower oil, salt, skimmed MILK, sucrose, corn dextrin, dextrose, glucose syrup, gelling agents E407/ E417/E415/E410, emulsifier E450/451/452/E461/E471, thickener E406, pork rind, pepper, yeast, antioxidant E270/E331/E301, flavor enhancer E621, preservative E250/262/E202, color E120/ E160, yeast extract and aromas.


Contains Milk, Egg, Gluten. May contain soya