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Orders for La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma, only available for pick up at our facilities in Tenerife.

Fingerfood - Tapas

A little bit of what you fancy, does you good.
Chicken Prime Nuggets 1kg

1 review
EUR 7,97
Sold Out
Cod Goujons (1kg)

4 reviews
EUR 22,08
Chilli Cheese Nuggets (1kg)

1 review
EUR 13,40
Chicken Bites (1kg)

1 review
EUR 13,41
Buffet Pork Pies 1 pack of 4 units Stobarts

6 reviews
From EUR 6,26
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Beer Battered Onion Rings (1kg)

2 reviews
EUR 7,47
Bitterballen 100x20gr, round meat croquets

4 reviews
EUR 20,12
Cheddar Cheese Jalapeño Peppers 1 kg

2 reviews
EUR 12,40
Onion Bahijis

3 reviews
EUR 29,73
Bitterballen Dobben 54 x 30 gr

3 reviews
EUR 31,50
Camembert Bites (1kg)

1 review
EUR 12,53
Sold Out
Breaded Brie Planks

1 review
EUR 16,32
Sold Out
Pork Pies Stobart's

1 review
EUR 3,25