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Orders for La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma, only available for pick up at our facilities in Tenerife.

Pies en Pasties

A good pie is part of a quintessentially British meal and restaurants and pubs and eurodrop.es have plenty for you to choose from. The humble pie may have started out as ‘peasant food’ but we are a company of pie fanatics – you’d be hard pushed to find a pub menu without its pie of choice in pride of place. 


7 units of Jumbo Sausage Rolls Wrights

27 beoordelingen
EUR 12,27
Jumbo Steak Pie (2 Pies)

8 beoordelingen
EUR 5,25
Beef and Vegetable Pasties Wrights | 6 Units

31 beoordelingen
EUR 10,73
Steak en Guinness Pie | 2 Stuks

5 beoordelingen
EUR 5,82
Jumbo Steak and Kidney Pie 2 pies

4 beoordelingen
EUR 5,16
Jumbo Chicken & Mushroom Pie 2 pies

4 beoordelingen
EUR 5,06
Jumbo Mince and Onion Pie (2 Pies)

5 beoordelingen
EUR 4,84
Jumbo Vlees- en Aardappeltaart | 2 Stuks

2 beoordelingen
EUR 4,53
Buffet Pork Pies Stobart's |1 Pak van 6 Stuks

6 beoordelingen
Van EUR 4,16
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Cheese and Onion Quiche

2 beoordelingen
EUR 17,40
Saucijzenbroodje (24x75 gr.)

4 beoordelingen
EUR 23,15
Pork Pies Stobart's

1 beoordelingen
EUR 3,25